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Tales Of The Hidden 1: Stories from the Adam Novus Universe (ANC Book 1.5)

There is an entire hidden world that normal people know nothing about--and they must never find out.

What secrets are buried in Esmeralda's past, and why do some supernaturals fear her and call her the Queen?

Why did Julius take a suicidal jump into the wild portal, just to escape from Hell?

How did Marcus save Musashi’s life? And what happened after Adam disappeared off the face of the earth?

Find answers to those questions, and so much more, in this collection of stories from the Adam Novus Universe.

1.The Millennial (Esmeralda's story)

2. Nina’s New Job (Nina’s story)

3. TBW (The Vampire King’s Regret (Marcus’s story)

4. TBW (Julius’s story)

5. Machiavellian Affair (Marcus and Musashi’s story)

Series: Adam Novus Chronicles / Tag: Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Magic, Adventure, Vampires, Werewolves, Werecats, Elves, Demons, Supernaturals